Hydrogel film: what is it and the best ones to put on the cell phone

Here, you will know all the pros and cons of the material and check out some available models. Attention! Always check if the film is the correct one for your device, ok?

What are the pros and cons of hydrogel film?

Hydrogel films are made from a very flexible material that absorbs impacts. Thus, it allows anything that hits the screen of the device to have a superior damping to the others. In addition, they provide a better experience when touching the screen, without stuttering like glass ones.

Hydrogel films are also known as hydrogel film (or silicone film). In addition to having a higher value than the glass available on the market, they are more difficult to install films. So, you need to be a little more patient when protecting your cell phone.

Advantages of hydrogel film:

  • Durability;
  • Compatible with devices with curved screen or rounded edges;
  • Covers and protects the entire display;
  • More discreet on screen.

Disadvantages of hydrogel film:

  • Higher price compared to glass films;
  • Greater difficulty for installation or reinstallation.

Hydrogel Full Protect Film

Full Protect hydrogel film is one of the best sellers on the market. The model has nano particles that make a kind of “self-repair” in small scratches generated by keys or coins in the pocket of the pants, for example. In addition, it has anti-fall technology. That’s because the gel distributes the impact across the entire screen and absorbs the impact.

What are the advantages of the Full Protect hydrogel film?

  • Allows unlocking by digital sensor;
  • Self-repair of scratches within 48 hours;
  • Ultra-thin, without compromising touch to screen.

Super Cell hydrogel film

Another model available on the market, covers the entire front of the device, including the curved edges. Super Cell hydrogel film has an indentation in its folds for greater compatibility with covers. It comes molded according to the cell phone screen. According to the manufacturer, it gives maximum touch sensitivity. In addition, it is resistant to scratches and impacts.

What are the advantages of the Super Cell hydrogel film?

  • Does not interfere with smartphone touch;
  • Adherence to curved screens;
  • Resistance to risks and impacts.

SeeWell Hydrogel Film

Seewell hydrogel film is another option on the market. Just like the others on this list, it protects against small scratches generated by keys and coins in your pocket, as well as preventing scratches with fingernails. Protection, then, is extended. Because it is a thin film, it also maintains the screen’s image quality, without interfering with resolution.

What are the advantages of Seewell hydrogel film?

  • Self-repair of scratches within 24 hours;
  • Does not compromise the touch on the screen;
  • It has oil and grease protection.

Infocell hydrogel film

Another brand that makes a good choice of hydrogel film is Infocell. The product offers greater durability and complete screen protection. The hydrogel film ensures better impact absorption and self-repair of scratches in up to 58 hours. According to the brand, it is up to five times stronger than glass film.

What are the advantages of Infocell hydrogel film?

  • Greater durability;
  • Better impact absorption;
  • Self-repair of scratches within 48 hours.