Apple Watch 6: Five ways the watch makes everyday tasks easier

During the test, the Apple Watch 6 positively surprised me in terms of battery. The watch has autonomy for up to 18 hours, according to the manufacturer. This depends, of course, on your usage. Features such as heart monitoring and the Always On display (which leaves the screen always on) can decrease this battery time.

During the test I was able to confirm that, in fact, the Apple Watch 6 battery lasts a whole day well. I noticed a very big difference in relation to the Apple Watch SE, since mine has access to 4G. That is, it can fully function without having the iPhone close by. However, in terms of battery, the SE ends up losing a lot, since the mobile internet connection consumes a lot of load.

Infinite battery? A Sunday with Apple Watch 6

I tried to make the most of the Apple Watch 6 battery on a Sunday. First, I left the device charging overnight. It is worth mentioning here that all this time is not needed, since the loading is done very quickly. About 60 minutes already take the device from 0 to 80%. If you want a full charge, another 30 minutes will take you to 100%.

I woke up at 9:30 am and already started using the clock. I went to the gym, monitored a weight training exercise. It was 53 minutes in total with the watch on direct seeing heartbeat and rest time. Also, it was with AirPods and iPhone, so it also controlled Spotify music through Apple Watch 6.

In the afternoon, I walked for 2 km until I reached the place where I would have lunch. It took about 27 minutes to walk. An interesting thing here is that the Apple Watch 6 is able to detect the movement of some specific activities without you having to activate them. At this point in my day, for example, the device itself sent me a message: “It looks like you’re exercising.” Then I was able to confirm and record the activity.

After a whole day with the watch on my arm, monitoring physical activities and receiving notifications, the Apple Watch 6 was still at 45% battery. When I went to sleep at 10:45 pm I decided to stay with him to see how far he would go. The next day when I woke up, I was still at 25%. I monitored another physical activity, this time indoor cycling, and it wasn’t until 11 am that the Apple Watch 6 battery ran out.

2. Monitor physical activities in an easy and playful way

One of the highlights of the Apple Watch is exercise tracking. That’s because, in addition to being able to follow different activities, the watch also has a pleasant and playful interface.

Some of the activities available for monitoring on Apple Watch 6 are: running, dancing, yoga, jumping rope, rowing, HIIT training, hiking and many others. The smartwatch is water resistant (up to 50 meters), so pool and open water swimming are also available.

Another positive point is the incentives given by the Apple Watch. For those who need a little push to maintain or start new habits, it can be interesting. In addition, you can follow the graph of your exercise week and set daily goals. Drawing these targets, every now and then the Apple Watch 6 will remind you to get up, take a walk or even take time to breathe.

3. Find the lost iPhone in the house: who never?

I confess that fetching the iPhone is one of my favorite features on the Apple Watch. Right in the control center, at the bottom of the clock, you can see the shortcut. When you click the button, the Apple Watch fires a direct command to the cell phone and the iPhone beeps (at maximum volume!).

This makes it easy to find your cell phone. Who has never been through the situation of losing their smartphone inside their own home, right? Leave it in a bag or other room and end up forgetting. Anyway, the watch can help users who, like me , keep forgetting where they left their devices.

It is important to say that both the Apple Watch 6 and the iPhone must be paired for this shortcut to work.

4. Control music without depending on the cell phone

Another way for the Apple Watch 6 to make everyday life easier is to control music on your cell phone. A lot of people have doubts whether or not the watch works with platforms other than Apple Music. If, like me, you are also a Spotify or Deezer user, you can rest assured, because it works.

The only requirement, in this case, is that the cell phone and Apple Watch are paired. As I exercised using the Apple Watch 6, for example, I was able to be freer. That’s because to change the songs I didn’t need to have my iPhone in hand. All you had to do was carry out the commands you wanted on the watch. The digital crown, which is on the side of the gadget, can increase and decrease the volume.

5. Apple Watch 6 receives mobile notifications and calls

Last but not least, the Apple Watch 6 sent notifications while wearing it. It is possible to regulate what you want to receive or not from the iPhone or from the watch itself. Particularly, I prefer to use my cell phone because the screen is bigger and more practical to view the content.

In instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, it is possible to reply to messages. This is done by a voice command, in which you say what you want to send and the watch automatically types. I confess that I don’t use this function that much, because the language is a little limited ( no emojis and stickers ). But overall, it can work in emergency situations.