Is NanoShield Film Good? Is mobile protection worth it?

To help you understand even more about the subject, about the technology that is used in its manufacture, we have prepared a very complete article that will tell you once and for all if the NanoShield film is good.

What is NanoShield Film?

As we mentioned before, NanoShield film is a kind of premium film for cell phones and other devices. It uses nanotechnology, which creates a barrier of molecules that better absorb impacts.

This technology, which is widely used in industry, is now being used in products for consumer use as well. Examples are pillows, clothes, among others, such as cell phone film.

In the NanoShield film, nanotechnology is used as follows: between its layers, a material is used responsible for the ordering of its molecules. This material combines a large group of these molecules, so that it better absorbs the impact caused by drops and shocks.

And not only that, it also has other layers that also use nanotechnology to further improve impact absorption and scratch resistance. And its biggest highlight is the ‘auto-repair’ feature. After the shocks, it causes the molecules to return to their normal state, ensuring greater durability to the product.

Currently, there is only one company that manufactures the NanoShield film, which is HPrime. With this, there should not be a very large variation in prices, changing only according to the cell phone model.

Why use NanoShield film?

Like all cell phone film, NanoShield film is made to protect your cell phone screen from accidental shocks and drops, preventing scratches, scratches and cracks. But it has as a differential its greater protection and durability of the product, as indicated by the manufacturer.

Another differential is that it has a perfect fit for each model of the best brands, ensuring greater protection. Other advantages are its easy application, being oleophobic (repels oiliness), maintains the sensitivity of the screen and its 3-month warranty.

The NanoShield film comes with a complete application kit. It comes with dust removal adhesive, wet flannel, application card, removal adhesive and microfiber flannel.

Is NanoShield film good?

We went deep to research the quality of NanoShield film. We check customer reviews in the largest retailers and also in reviews and reacts across YouTube. After all that, we can say that yes, NanoShield film is good.

It has virtually unanimously positive reviews, with only a few negative reviews. These are about the size, which for some users, is not big enough to cover the entire device.

However, in general, most are positive comments, with emphasis on its ease of application, which was a recurring comment. There were still many comments about the strength and quality of the material.

But what draws the most attention are the videos on YouTube of reviews and reactions about the NanoShield film by HPrime. In them, many resistance tests are carried out. It is not difficult to find on the platform, videos with tests using hammer, pliers and even falls with the screen facing down. And the test results are encouraging.