Glass film: what is it and the best ones to put on the cell phone

To help you know everything about this item that is essential today, we have prepared a very complete article. We will teach you what glass film is, explain its importance and introduce you to each existing type.

So stay with us and choose the ideal film for your cell phone. Attention! Always try to confirm that the model you are going to buy is the right one for your device, ok?

What is glass film?

The glass film is an accessory designed to protect your cell phone screen from possible drops and scratches. It came to replace the plastic films that were used in the past. In its beginnings, it was made of ordinary glass, which was not very resistant and did not protect the entire screen. Then he switched to tempered glass, which was already more resistant, but did not adapt to different screens, such as curved ones.

Soon after, flexible glass films appeared. They are made of a mixture between gel and tempered glass, which made them lighter and with good adaptation to curves. Then came the 3D glass films, which have the most rigid edges, made of carbon or metal and that adapt perfectly to the cell phone screen.

How important is the glass film?

With the increasing amount invested in a cell phone, the need to protect it from accidents has grown a lot. And one of the biggest problems that take smartphones to technical assistance are broken and cracked screens. And as the screens are very expensive to replace, the importance of using glass film was born. It protects your smartphone screen from drops and scratches, serving as a real shield.

How to install glass film

For you who are always in doubt about how to put glass film, we will help you. The process is very simple and you will only need to follow this step by step.
  • Step 1: With the phone off, wipe the screen well with a clean, soft cotton cloth or flannel to remove any dirt.
  • Step 2: Now remove the glass film from the packaging by the protective edges. Do not touch the middle so as not to leave marks.
  • Step 3: First, choose a corner, then go from end to end, avoiding the formation of bubbles. At this stage, you can use a credit card to help by gently pulling them out (without pushing too hard!).
  • Step 4: Now check that it is well fixed and away from bubbles. If something has gone wrong, you can redo the process, but be VERY CAREFUL to remove the film and not let anything stick to it.

How to remove glass film (without breaking)

Now that you know how to put on glass foil, also learn how to take it off. You may have put it wrong or even want to change it. In some cases, just lifting the tip will move it out of place. In others, which have a kind of glue, it will be more complicated. And here comes the next step by step.

  • Step 1: Heat the glass film with a hair dryer on the lowest setting for 15 seconds. This will soften the glue. Watch out! Using this product for a long time can damage your device, huh!
  • Step 2: With your fingernail, lift the film by one of the corners.
  • Step 3: Move your fingers under the glass while lifting the foil to prevent the glass from breaking.
  • Step 4: Pull the foil very slowly and evenly until it comes off completely.

Now that you know what glass film is, you know its importance and you already know how to put it on and take it off your cell phone, discover the different types of glass film available on the market.

Ordinary glass film is cheaper, but not very strong

First type of glass film, it does not offer great resistance. Another weak point is that it cannot adapt to the curves of the cell phone. It’s the cheapest model on the market, but as it was released many years ago and isn’t worth it anymore, it’s not so easy to find anymore.

Tempered glass film is stronger but does not protect the corners

Second generation of glass films, tempered glass films are an evolution of the previous type. They are more resistant against drops and impacts, but they also do not adapt to the curves of the devices, leaving parts of the cell phone unprotected.

There are also some types of tempered glass film with extra layers of protection, against oil, anti-reflection, among others. But these types are a little more expensive. While the simpler models have a very affordable price.

Hydrogel film – more modern and flexible

Currently, there is still a new type of film. Hydrogel film is a type of flexible glass made by fusing tempered glass and gel. This type has the advantage of being flexible and can be used on curved screens. It still has another quality, being quite resistant.

As with 3D films, hydrogel film has a value that varies greatly depending on the manufacturer. And not only that, the quality of the product also impacts the price. But it is good to say that this is the most expensive type of glass film at the moment.