Ceramic film: what is it and the best ones to put on the cell phone

Initially, there were only glass ones. Over time, they were modernized until reaching the advanced ceramic film. To help you learn more about the product and explain the importance of its use, in addition to showing the differentials, we have prepared a very complete article.

What is ceramic film?

Ceramic film is the one that has been standing out the most at the moment. It has as a great differential in relation to the glass ones, the fact that it is very flexible. As a result, it ends up being much more resistant than any other on the market.

But that’s not all that makes it the best cell phone film at the moment. It still maintains the sharpness of your smartphone, as well as ensuring the same feeling of touch on the screen that you get without a film applied.

In this way, we can guarantee that the ceramic film is good, thanks to its high technology and resistance, making it the best cell phone film at the moment.

Why use a ceramic film?

Even with all the technological advances in screen protection, such as the Corning Gorilla Glass feature, which protects the cell phone from drops and scratches, there is still a great fear of screen protection. And it’s no wonder, since one of the biggest defects observed in specialized technical assistance networks is linked to this.

With this, the need to use extra protection, which is cell phone film, grows. And, as we said before, ceramic film is the best and most resistant at the moment. In this way, it is your best ally to avoid these problems, which are almost always very expensive to fix.

How to put ceramic film?

For those of you who do not want to go to a specialized store and prefer to purchase online, it is important to learn how to apply ceramic film. The process is very simple, even easier than the glass ones. And the best thing is that we will teach you! Check step by step:
  • Step 1: With the phone off, clean the screen well with a soft cloth with 70% alcohol and then dry it with a dry cloth.
  • Step 2: Remove the ceramic film from the packaging along the protective edges, avoiding leaving fingerprints in the middle.
  • Step 3: Start with the corners, adjust the position and finish placing the film. If some bubbles are formed, you will only need to push them to the corners. 
  • Step 4: Now just check if the process worked. If it doesn’t look good, you can repeat from the beginning, but be careful to remove the film.

How to remove ceramic film?

If you also have doubts about how to remove a ceramic film, know that it is even easier than glass film. You will only need your fingernail. As it is more flexible, there is less risk of breakage!

To remove, choose one of the corners and lift the film. Then gradually lift the rest. Despite its flexibility, it is worth being careful at this time! Then just remove the ceramic film completely.

Now that you know what ceramic film is, you have discovered its importance and you already know how to put it on and take it off your cell phone, see what are the best options to protect your device.

5D ceramic film

First type of ceramic film on our list, the 5D is a simpler model of film, but it is also a great choice. It, like other ceramic models, is very flexible and guarantees high resistance against scratches, scratches and cracks.

The model is available for a large number of devices, adapting very well to their curves and details, ensuring protection for almost any cell phone.

A curiosity about the 5D ceramic film is that it is not necessarily inferior to models with more ‘Ds’ , such as the next model on the list which is the 9D. The quality will depend more on the manufacturer than on the classification itself.

9D ceramic film

9D ceramic film is the most commonly found on the market. In theory, it is an evolution of the previous one. It guarantees high protection, as well as greater strength and durability than glass films. But, as we said before, the quantity of D’s is no guarantee of quality. To make sure you choose the best one, choose the most well-known brands.

Like the 5D model, the 9D is also available for most cell phones. Even in the beginning having greater availability for premium devices, today it is also found for popular devices.

Private ceramic film

If you are one of those who do everything for a little privacy, know that there is a perfect ceramic film for you. With all the good in terms of strength, durability and protection present in previous models, this private film will keep you away from the curious.

It has an innovative technology that prevents people who are not facing your cell phone from seeing the screen. With the private ceramic film, only you will be able to see what you are doing, and you can do anything confidential even on public transport.

ceramic film kits

A great option for those looking for a ceramic film is to opt for kits. There are many different kits, such as the kit with case, front film and rear camera module, for those who want complete protection. There are also kits with case and film, back and front film, front film and camera module, among others.

With these kits, you can guarantee the protection of your device, spending less than buying the products separately. Check out the main kits that we separate for you now: