Will your phone really charge faster in airplane mode?

Possibly you’ve heard that your cell phone battery can charge faster when it’s in airplane mode, but is this information real?

In this article, you understand if this information is true or not.

Perhaps it is true, but is it worth it?

As your device works by radio functions and airplane mode disables this process, it is common to imagine that by deactivating what “spends” the charge the device will charge faster.

CNET (an American media site specializing in technology) released a review video, comparing battery charging when it is in airplane mode and when it is not.

According to them, by enabling this function you can gain about 4 minutes of speed, which proves that the cell phone can charge faster in airplane mode.

The conclusion drawn from this review is that, in fact, the airplane mode can even save you a few minutes of charging your device.

However, you will lose all connectivity, so you will not be able to use your mobile during the charging process.

Does using airplane mode speed up the charging process?

Yes, this is because features on the phone like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi consume battery in the background.

By activating this “standby”, these features are deactivated, making the cell phone charge faster.

The problem is that when it comes to lack of time, we know how complicated it is to lose a minute or two.

So getting a load percentage faster would make many users happy. 

Let’s say you’re traveling and need faster charging, so the airplane mode option can make your phone charge faster.

It is a fact that the charging speed is relatively fast nowadays, which helps to offset the amount of battery power consumed by cellular, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functions. 

But when operating in the background, these features produce heat, which also slows downloading. 

If you want to see how much battery your phone consumes in standby, navigate to battery settings and watch the power usage in Standby.

Is it ok to charge your phone in airplane mode?

We can say yes.

Charging the device in airplane mode has no negative consequences, on the contrary, there are several advantages within it.

After all, who doesn’t want a fully charged cell phone when they wake up?

While you’re probably aware that overnight charging can result in battery degradation, there’s more to it than that.

When you turn off your cell phone, signals are no longer sent or received and there is no radiation around the cell phone, which is beneficial for our health.

However, most people think that turning off and on their cell phone might be too much work and avoid doing it.

In this situation, airplane mode is very beneficial.

You can get the same result just by activating airplane mode, which will protect you from harmful radiation.

The good news is that your alarm clock can be used after activating this feature.

According to some users, turning off airplane mode can slow down the network connection.

Resulting in a longer Wi-Fi or mobile data connection process when reconnecting.

In that case, re-enable airplane mode, wait a few seconds, and then disable it. 

This causes the phone to re-search for a signal and network, which has the same effect as restarting the phone, but takes less time.

When you turn off your phone, does it charge faster?

Yes, the device being turned off disables the radio features reducing battery usage and speeding up charging.

However, while the cell phone is turned off, the obvious thing is that none of the cell phone’s features use battery power.

And the result is significantly faster charging compared to the phone in airplane mode.

Other tips to charge your phone faster

Use a high quality cable and wall charger

If you use a USB cable on your computer, don’t expect it to charge quickly. 

The best method is to use a powerful wall charger.

The ideal thing is that you have the wall charger and the original cell phone cable, to facilitate charging.

If not, you should buy a wall charger and a cable that is as compatible with your device as possible.

Keep your cell phone cool

As cell phones are powered by lithium-ion batteries, this makes them very sensitive to temperature. 

If you want to prolong the life of your device or charge them faster, you must keep them at operating temperature. 

In some cases, the phone gets hot while charging, which is worse if the phone is protected by a protective case. 

That’s why we recommend that you remove the cover to prevent the phone from getting too hot, which will allow you to charge faster.

Do not use your cell phone while charging

When you use your cell phone while charging, the battery is consumed to keep it running, causing the battery to charge slower.

Also, the time it takes to charge is based on the apps you are using while charging.

When a battery-intensive app is running, the charging process takes longer to complete compared to a low-resource-intensive app.

Choose wired charging over wireless charging

While wireless charging has made great strides in recent years, it still hasn’t been able to match traditional cable charging speeds.

If you want to charge your cell phone quickly, you must sacrifice the convenience of using a wireless charger in favor of a cable charger.